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Vinyl Robe Doors

We offer a wide range of wardrobe doors with sleek vinyl surfaces. Make any room look stylish and modern with these customisable wardrobe options.

Sliding wardrobe doors are great and practical for bedrooms, laundry, linen closets, and storage areas. Excellent for space saving and a great solution where hinged door cupboards dominate a room.

Sliding wardrobes come in many styles; either fully framed or semi frameless, depending on the look you are after.

Fully framed sliding robe doors are traditional doors. Semi frameless doors are more modern and streamline, whereby the aluminium wraps around the back of the glass.

Fully framed wardrobe doors with glass and mirror fronts have Grade A safety vinyl backing that holds glass together in the case of a breakage. This safety feature stops glass falling and damaging yourself or your home.

Wardrobe doors are available in mirror, vinyl laminates, and painted glass.

In need of mirrors? Custom made in frames or polished.