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Wire Guide Awnings

Our flexible and stylish wire guide awnings can be motorised or hand-operated to meet your needs. Find the best UV protection with our Australian-made wire guide range.

Wire Guide awnings are incredibly effective at filtering out UV rays and sunlight, which makes them a popular choice for outdoor living spaces and cafes. These awnings are guided by steel wire that enables them to be raised and lowered without the requirement of having posts or walls to surround them on either side.

Our wire guide awnings work well with our cord and pulley awnings, providing a great way to manage large span awnings with the turn of a manual crank. This enables easy operation and handling. These types of awnings are excellent in a straight drop situation where you have no poles. Our wire guides will run from the top crank down to the ground for the awning to be guided in a straight vertical. When a post is not able to be used, they are perfect for this situation and give support to the awning. An extensive fabric range is available.

Always ensure that you roll away awnings in high winds and storms to maximise durability.

All fabric awnings should be put away in strong winds or storms.