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Folding Arm Awnings

Our folding arm awnings retract in and out as needed and offer great protection and resistance against the Australian heat and wind. With flexibility in display and style, these awnings are a great addition to your outdoor areas.

Our Folding Arm awnings come in different styles for a chic and elegant finish suited to different environments and spaces. Due to our many years of experience, we have developed different systems for different situations. These awnings are most suitable for outdoor entertainment spaces, such as patios or pool areas. They are a great alternative to fixed patio awnings.

Folding Arm awnings can be extended or retracted by either a crank control or motorised mechanism. The awning has the ability to be fully extended or partially extended.  

Variable arms are included with the installation which allow different pitches and greater adjustment in both vertical and horizontal pitch.

Our Cassette system conceals the mechanism inside the head box when retracted for a neat and stylish appearance.

All fabric awnings should be put away in strong winds or storms.