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We offer great customisation and styling options for our sleek and modern veranda awnings. Great for patios, poolsides, cafes, and other outdoor spaces.

Our Veranda awnings are great for shading outdoor areas such as patios, cages, playground areas, and pool enclosures. These are a simple, yet effective, choice for UV protection and light control. In Australia, we understand the weather gets harsh, and we make sure our awnings are up to the task of withstanding the heat and sun.

The design of this awning is raised and lowered with rope and pulleys on a top rail and rolls up from the bottom when not in use. Our Veranda awnings are ideal for weather protection and can be excellent for privacy. These awnings are vertically operated and gravity reliant, which means they are limited to up or down; no in between. They can be held down at the bottom with either straps or cleats and can be installed on an angle at the top.

Side zips are an option with our most popular being PVC clear or tinted, and mesh Outlook fabric.

All fabric awnings should be put away in strong winds or storms.


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