Locations – Side Channel Awnings

A wide variety of side track awnings for weather protection and privacy. Built with easy operation and convenience in mind, we have a wide range of fabrics to suit you space.

Twist lock side channel awnings will suit any style of home. Great application for patio blinds, as well as sun and weather protection. This awning has a spring-loaded roll up the top and an aluminium five-sided extruded bottom rail. By twisting the bottom rail, it allows easy operation to adjust to any height required. A great range of fabrics are available for incorporating a nice view looking outwards and privacy from the outside looking in. Heavy fabric options are available for 100% blockout.

The side channels are aluminium powdercoat. These awnings must not be left unattended in high winds and storms as the fabric is not locked into the sides.

All fabric awnings should be put away in strong winds or storms.


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