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Our selection of durable and modern motorised awnings are Australian-made and manufactured. A great solution for those interested in ease and comfort of operation.

Motorised awnings work with a remote control that can be used to extend/draw and recoil/rollup the awning as desired. This is a great alternative and perfect solution for those who do not wish to deal with pulleys or cranks, or who may not have the motor ability to manually open and close awnings.

Our motors, supplied by Alpha, are the most popular external straight drop motors in Australia. The awnings have a torque stop function that can be used to halt the fabric on stoppers at the top limit in side channel systems. The torque stop function can also be used to tension the fabric when the awning is down.

When combined with wind and sun sensors, the motor detects a pulse from the sensor connection every 20 minutes. After half an hour of inactivity, the awning will rise automatically as a protective feature, assuming that the sensor has failed or the batteries are flat, so your awning will not be stuck in the drawn position.

We can also supply motors for Folding Arm awnings, which are designed to set the awning’s inner limit based on the tension of the arms. This limit can also be set manually if you prefer. This motor can also be combined with wind and sun sensors to monitor the awning’s status and keep it protected in the case of flat batteries or a technical malfunction.

You can find more information on the range of motors and options available in our Alpha brochure, available free of charge.

All fabric awnings should be put away in strong winds or storms.


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