Locations – Cord & Pulley Awnings

A classic and easy-to-use awning choice that gives you full control over your outdoor space. These are some of the most effective awnings for granting privacy, security, and UV protection.

Our Cord & Pulley awnings are operated manually so that you can open, partially open, and close the awning with maximum control.

The crank control awning is a great way to manage large span awnings with the turn of a manual crank. This enables easy operation by using a turnable handle to raise and lower the screen. These types of awnings are excellent in a straight drop situation where you have no poles. Optional stainless steel wire guides run from the top crank down to the ground for the awning to be guided in a straight vertical. When a post is not able to be used, they are perfect for this situation with the wire guides options to give support to the awning. An extensive fabric range is available.

Always ensure that you roll away awnings in high winds and storms to maximise durability.

Cord & Reel Spring Arm

We also offer Cord and Reel Spring Arm awnings that are operated with a crank and pulley. This style of awning is excellent for high windows that need to be operated from the ground or inside.

These awnings can be operated from the ground or inside with a white tape lock or winch control box. They come with spring loaded arms to keep the tension on the skin of the awning.

These awnings can also be motorised with the Alpha system or home automation. A weather box at the top of the awning keeps it protected when rolled up. Wavy scollop or a flat valance variants are optional with no extra charge.

Cord and Reel Spring Arm awnings are easy to maintain and clean. As with any awning, always roll it away in high winds or storms for longevity.

All fabric awnings should be put away in strong winds or storms.


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