Internal Solutions > Blinds

Internal blinds from roller blinds, timber and aluminium venetians to vertical drapes. These products are available in an extension range of colours along with a variety of control mechanisms. Our mechanisms use chain operations in standard colours to stainless steel along with motorization solutions.

New to our range are the side channel rollers blinds are available which allow limited light because they use a side channel to block out the extra light which are ideal for shift workers or baby’s room.

We offer Hunter Douglas quality products for our internal product solutions.

Internal Solutions > Timber Shutters

Our timber shutters are available in timber and white finishes. We have basswood and cedar finishes along with poly resin finishes. Shutters are a great solution for those areas that a blind won’t be able to fit from large doorways to creating another private area in your home.

We use the superior range of Lifestyle shutter products

Awnings > Fabric

With extensive range of fabric awning solutions we will be able to find a solution from fabrics to different styles. We offer a range of pivot arms, auto lock arm drop awnings, folding arm, dutch hood and café style hooded awnings.

We offer an extensive range of fabrics that are designed to withstand Australian conditions.

We are able to recover most existing styles of fabric awning as long the existing frame is in good working order.

There are motorization solutions available for this range.

Awnings > Aluminium

Our aluminium awnings are designed to withstand the strong Queensland sunshine and are manufactured here in Queensland. We have a range of solutions from hooded awnings to lourved awnings, which can be fixed or adjustable.

Brand new to our range are aluminium external privacy screens which a great alternative to lourved awnings. Fantastic for entertaining and patio areas to screen out and block sun glare and UV rays onto patio furniture.

Security Solutions

The SCREENGUARD® stainless steel mesh security system was designed to protect your view™ and it does just that.

SCREENGUARD® patented systems have been put to the test and pass the latest rigid Australian Standards AS 5039- 2003. These tests are designed to simulate an intense attack using force to gain entry through your security screen door or window.

SCREENGUARD® patented systems protect beautifully. No longer do you need to look at ugly grills, bars or similar obstructions that spoil your view. Take advantage of woven stainless steel mesh protection and enjoy the finest in security screens.

SCREENGUARD® aluminium frames are leading the way by using T6 grade, high tensile extruded aluminium; this ensures strength and quality. The aluminium is superbly finished using state of the art Australian equipment.

The anti corrosive 316 Marine Grade stainless steel wire mesh is coated with a UV protected coating using advanced processes to ensure clear, long lasting looks.

Specially engineered PVC strips insulate the two metals within the frame and contribute to the sleek overall appearance of SCREENGUARD® products.

Wardrobe and Mirror Solutions

We offer a range built in wardrobes along with mirrors for your home. We offer a range of deadbolts we able to help and install additional security options for your peace of mind.